• Vacuum U-type mixer

Vacuum U-type mixer

The horizontal axis is used to penetrate the pot body, and the stirring shaft is provided with a plurality of sets of scraping blades.
The ingredients can be stirred up and down, suitable for products with high consistency.
The shaft core is mechanically sealed to avoid the problem of dirty water flowing out of the shaft.
Heating, concentration, and cooling can be accomplished in one machine.
Model : JCT22

Product specifications:
Capacity: 300L/500L/800L/1000L
Material: SUS304 / SUS316.
Control: Frequency control / timer / temperature control.
Food grade scraper / jacket / waterproof design.
Accessories: swivel joint / safety valve / pressure gauge / decanter / drain valve.
product features:

The appearance is all stainless steel, and the pot body is polished and polished to prevent the contaminated food.
The shaft shaft mechanical seal seals the long-lasting shaft without effluent, which is more durable.
Multi-group movable scraping blades can stir a large number of thick products at the same time.
It is easy to automatically tilt and position the hydraulic cylinder, and it is safer than the worm gear or gear structure.
The scraper material is qualified by SGS and the quality is reliable.
Heating, concentration, and cooling can be done in one machine to avoid pipeline transportation pollution.
Man machine interface and PLC control.
Can be made of gas heating / heat medium oil heating models.

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