• Vacuum concentrator

Vacuum concentrator

The vacuum concentrator uses a 45-degree mixing shaft to evenly mix the ingredients.
When concentrating under vacuum, the PTFE stirring blade is used to lower the state of the dip pan.
The shaft is mechanically sealed to provide an efficient seal against the outside atmosphere.
Model : JCT44

Product specifications:
Capacity: Each capacity can be customized.
Material: SUS304 / SUS316.
Control: temperature control, time control.
product features:

Special 45 degree mixing shaft, with scraper to effectively stir the ingredients evenly.
The scraper is made of PTFE Teflon and provides inspection reports.
The shaft is made of mechanical shaft seal for long-lasting durability and high reliability.
The cover plate contains a wiper, inspection window, light window, and spice input.
Labor-saving open cover structure.