• Vacuum rapid cooling machine

Vacuum rapid cooling machine

The vacuum is used to take away the temperature from the ingredients by using the heat of vaporization.
The vacuum cooler uses an ejector to achieve a high vacuum without the need for additional ice water.
After the ingredients are put into storage, the equipment automatically monitors the temperature and automatically alarms when the temperature is lowered.
Model : JCT43

Product specifications:
Capacity: 50kg, 120kg, 160kg, 200kg.
Material: Full library SUS304 Fully welded.
Control: quenching cold control / sudden pressure Xu pressure / PLC and HMI control system.
product features:

The appearance is all stainless steel, and the inner cylinder body is rounded and easy to clean.
The vacuum machine is equipped with an ejector to cool down quickly without the use of ice water.
Can be used with a water-saving system, no additional water consumption.
Broken vacuum line filter.