• Vacuum emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifier

The vacuum emulsifier adopts a coaxial positive reversing blade to uniformly mix and mix.
Special SUS316 stainless steel emulsified head for fast emulsification.
Suitable for salads, snowflake ice, creams and other products that require emulsification and defoaming.
Heating, cooling and vacuum defoaming are completed in one machine.
Model : JCT42

Product specifications:
Capacity: 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, large capacity can be customized.
Material: The wetted surface is available in SUS304 / SUS316.
Control: variable frequency speed control / temperature control / time control / hydraulic system control / PLC and HMI control system.
Food grade scraper / oil pressure lift.
product features:

The appearance is all stainless steel, and the pot body is polished and polished to prevent the contaminated food.
The semi-circular shape of the bottom of the tank allows the product to be evenly disturbed and mixed.
The cover is attached with a wiper, inspection window, light window, and spice input.
The agitation uses a gear type reducer, including positive reversing blades.
The scraper is made of PTFE with high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance.
The vacuum machine contains a physical watch and an electronic vacuum gauge.
The lifting section includes a hydraulic pump unit/hydraulic cylinder/guide.
The heating is heated by steam or a jacketed electric heating tube.
Heating and cooling switching system.
Safety switch.